Adidas Originals Pro Model: A Classic Mid-Top Sneaker

So, let’s just say you’re a classic sneaker fanatic who loves all things streetwear and sport, what shoe do you turn to? Obviously, it has to be the Adidas Originals Pro Model sneakers.  These babies are one-part 1970s basketball shoe and one-part Adidas Superstar, so they’re an all-around win for sneaker collectors and style-lovers everywhere. To the surprise of many sneakerheads, Adidas actually unveiled the Pro Model before they debuted the Superstar, and it drew a huge crew of followers in the 1970s. In fact, the Superstar was first marketed as a low-top version of the Pro Model basketball shoe.

The Pro Model is similar to the Superstar in that it usually features the iconic three-stripe Adidas signature. It also features the famous rubber shell toe that looks like a clamshell. The only major difference between the Pro Model and the Superstar is height of the upper. Pro Models are without a doubt the most classic mid-cut Adidas shoes. But, like all Adidas shoes, these sneaks are made with a perfect blend of comfort, style and durability. Each pair is constructed with rugged rubber, leather and the world-famous serrated leather 3-Stripes.

The Best Collection of Adidas Originals Pro Model Sneakers

At YCMC, we have tons of awesome Adidas Originals Pro Model shoes for men, women and kids. Whether you love the look of the original Pro Model (black-on-white or white-on-black, depending on what you’re feeling) or love a fresh, new colorway, you’ll find something here that sparks your sense of style. These classic Adidas sneakers are perfect for sport, streetwear and just general style, and they’re available in so many unique options that match your personality when you buy them at YCMC.

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